Breathe Easy

With Ductless Range Hoods from PlasmaMade®

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<strong>Breathe Easy</strong>

Revolutionize Your Kitchen Design

Remove the constraints of traditionally exhausted range hoods with ductless range hoods.

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<strong>Revolutionize Your Kitchen Design</strong>

Game-Changing Recirculating Filters

PlasmaMade® enters the market with three game-changing recirculating filters for range hoods that will transform the way kitchens are designed.

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<strong>Game-Changing Recirculating Filters</strong>

No More Kitchen Ventilation Ducts Required

Allows freedom of design for kitchen designers and builders.

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<strong>No More Kitchen Ventilation Ducts Required</strong>

Plug and Play Recirculating Filters

Can be installed with no mess or major construction.

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<strong>Plug and Play Recirculating Filters</strong>

Best-in-class filter

After years of development, PlasmaMade's revolutionary filter system eliminates the need for ventilation ducts in the kitchen.
It is made specifically for kitchen range hoods and cooktops.


Viruses, bacteria, mould, aerosols and other micro-organisms are filtered out by up to 98%.

Fine Dust

Solid particles up to 0.25 microns in size, such as combustion materials, smoke and dust, are completely broken down.


Helps with respiratory complaints such as asthma and bronchitis, and against pollen, house dust mite and pet allergies.


The plasma filter ensures that all types of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are broken down.


After years of development, PlasmaMade launched in 2013 with a completely
new way to extract particles in the kitchen, leading to fresher air to breathe.


The PlasmaMade® E-Filter is a revolutionary plasma filter with E-technology that prevents quarterly filter replacement and performs much better than carbon filters, eliminating virtually every particle from the air. It recirculates air back into the room making it more environmentally friendly (added bonus of saving money on your heating bill). It eliminates odors, pollen and bacteria, providing not just extraction but filtered clean air. It also eliminates the costly and complicated chore of installing a ventilation duct.

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The PlasmaMade® E-Filter is the result of years of testing and development. The filter uses advanced and patented technologies to not only remove odors from the air with plasma, but also fine dust and other contaminants with ESD technology on the outside of the filter.

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Perfect for best-in-class safety. After years of development, PlasmaMade has been on the market since 2013 with a revolutionary filter system made specifically for kitchen range hoods and cooktops.

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"We are very happy with the filter because of our son's hyperactive bronchitis which is now going a lot better. We also suffer much less from foul smells when cooking. So in short highly recommended."
Eric van Vugt

"The filter works very well. (1 year in use) Nice invention. No annual filter change required. The PlasmaMade customer service is very good."

Daphne Zeilmaker
"At the moment I notice a clear difference with an extraction without PlasmaMade. Much fresher air and fewer kitchen smells. Very satisfied right now."
Bart Captein

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PlasmaMade® develops and supplies high quality recirculation filters for the kitchen industry. This includes the innovative PlasmaMade® plasmafilter with E-Technology.
The E-Filter is a revolutionary recirculation filter that uses advanced and patented techniques for cleaning the air.

The filter uses, among other things, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to clean the air. This enables the E-Filter to filter odours, particulate matter, allergens and micro-organisms from the air. Due to the active operation of the filter, it does not become saturated and has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Are you curious about what a PlasmaMade® E-Filter can do for you? Contact us by completing this form and we'll contact you to discuss how you can leverage this amazing technology.