Introducing PlasmaMade®, a groundbreaking technology in recirculation filters. With PlasmaMade®, your customers can say goodbye to the hassle of quarterly replacements and hello to the future of filtration. The PlasmaMade® E-Filter utilizes revolutionary E-technology, outperforming traditional carbon filters in every way, making PlasmaMade® the perfect product for price- and environmentally-conscious buyers.

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PlasmaMade® Delves into the Details with Precision Filters

PlasmaMade® boasts three game-changing recirculating filters for range hoods, promising to reshape the way kitchens are designed and built.

Our advanced E-filter sets a new standard by efficiently removing particles down to 0.1 micron. This gets down to the microscopic level, filtering out particulates as small as even the Coronavirus. Say goodbye to conventional limitations and embrace a new era of kitchen design with PlasmaMade®

Strategize for Savings: Plan Ahead for Long-Term Financial Benefits

PlasmaMade® goes beyond extraction – it actively recirculates air back into the room, not only reducing the environmental impact but also offering a welcomed bonus of saving money on heating bills. With the added benefit of eliminating odors, pollen, and bacteria, PlasmaMade® ensures filtered, clean air, becoming an integral, sustainable component for your designs and builds.

Commitment to the Environment: Sustainable and Made of Recyclable Materials

PlasmaMade® makes a conscious choice by using the recyclable material ABS for our filters. As architects and builders, you'll appreciate that ABS is a thermoplastic, making it 97% recyclable. We even reuse it in our products, contributing to a cleaner world.

And when the filter is done? No worries. Clients can return it to PlasmaMade® for free recycling. We break it down – plastics, filter layers, electronics – and turn them into new materials for new products. It's a simple, eco-friendly cycle that fits seamlessly into any sustainable design plan.

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Help your clients breathe easy.


GUC 1212

Eliminate odours, pollen and bacteria in your home with the GUC1212 PlasmaMade filter.
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GUC 1214

The GUC1214 filter eliminates odours, pollen and bacteria in your home with its self-cleaning filter system.
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GUC 1314

The GUC1314 PlasmaMade filter is the perfect self-cleaning system for ceiling, downdraft and venting hobs. 
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How Does PlasmaMade Help My Clients?

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PlasmaMade® develops and supplies high quality recirculation filters for the kitchen industry. This includes the innovative PlasmaMade® plasmafilter with E-Technology.
The E-Filter is a revolutionary recirculation filter that uses advanced and patented techniques for cleaning the air.

The filter uses, among other things, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to clean the air. This enables the E-Filter to filter odours, particulate matter, allergens and micro-organisms from the air. Due to the active operation of the filter, it does not become saturated and has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Are you curious about what a PlasmaMade® E-Filter can do for you? Contact us by completing this form and we'll contact you to discuss how you can leverage this amazing technology.