PlasmaMade GUC 1214 Installation and User Manual

Before installation and use of the PlasmaMade Airfilter, always read this manual through carefully and retain it afterwards. It is important that the PlasmaMade Airfilter is competently installed and used according to this manual.

The PlasmaMade Airfilter is intended to remove airborne dust particles, pollen, micro-organisms (house dust mites, bacteria, viruses and moulds), cigarette smoke and smells from the air. If the source of the smell is still present, the PlasmaMade Airfilter cannot remove the smell completely (for example if you are still cooking). Harmful gases (carbon monoxide etc.) cannot be removed by the PlasmaMade Airfilter. The PlasmaMade Air Filter features OACS (Ozone Active Control System) and IACS (Ionization Active Control System) to meet the latest, strictest safety standards.

CLICK HERE to view the manual.

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